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Yes, we know its Pre-determined...

Miami Wrestling Fans is a group dedicated to providing a place that members of Miami can watch and enjoy professional wrestling. We aim to create a group that will make any fan, new or old, feel welcome. Though our club is based primarily around watching a type of entertainment with rather limited availability, we are always finding activities to keep our members engaged. Our usual schedule revolves around the monthly WWE shows, but are slowly adding other products into our viewing schedule. The wrestling world is currently expanding with new promotions and new platforms for fans to enjoy, and our group hopes to be able to bring the best content to Miami. We also try to bring our club together with regular trips to local promotions, such as Rockstar Pro Wrestling.

Though the MWF is a relatively new organization, we have already formed a welcoming and active community of fans. We use our Group-Me chat to discuss matches, talk about upcoming events, and screech incoherently at any breaking news. Our Facebook page is updated regularly with pictures and any news regarding the club. Additionally, it helps to organize our new annual match prediction competition. For each WWE PPV, our members will pick the winners of the night’s matches, as well as a variety of other factors. We keep track of the points across the entire the year, with a variety of prizes at
the end. The main show of the year is the April showing of Wrestlemania. We celebrate this by cheering loudly, eating food, playing games, and settling hot pepper bets that got way too out of control. All in all, MWF is a group about experiencing great wrestling with fantastic people.

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