Fighters Guild

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This organization is created in order to celebrate a certain genre of video games, more specifically, the fighting game. In this club, not only will experienced members of this society be able to enjoy a competitive atmosphere, but also there will be teaching sessions available for anyone willing to learn. Essentially, everyone on campus who has a slight interest in this popular arena of video games is more than welcome, and will always find friends and rivals to engage in a relaxing and entertaining environment. So, you will never be alone here, so please join us, and fight on!


We meet every week on Wed. for general Free Plays, where your favorite fighting games will be featured for you to practice, have some casual matches, or just watch. Every Saturday will either feature a Tournament, where you compete with other players and test your skill, or a Teaching Session, where experienced players teach their favorite games to those who want to learn. We also have some special events throughout the semester that have prizes! Feel free to show up to any event you can!

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